Poetry and Marilyn Monroe in the same sentence

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Marilyn Monroe

I read poetry to save time ~ Marilyn Monroe



Like an ancient sparrow

Crowing in the golden gloom

Is the writing rare.

Sensibly insensible and

Fantastically inspiring, is the

Spent, decaying, tongue.

The ink lasting forever

But the story falling apart,

Words so exotic.

Creative and artful, yet


How outstanding, the

Expressions on moldy parchment ‑

Blue red yellow, colors of emotions ‑

A painting in minds’ eye that has

Captured our attention.

Though the true meaning

Flutters in

And out

Of our grasp.


Dragoz J.K. penned The Primordial Script whilst working toward her high school diploma. Previously published and the recipient of a gold key in the Scholastic Art and Writing awards, she enjoys reading, video gaming, camping, and long walks. Dragoz is also working on learning a new language.

Dragoz’ poem is featured in Volume 3 of Suddenly Lost In Words.

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The Freedom of a Kindle; Lady Liberty Strikes Again

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This post is overdue. Honestly, I wish I’d thought of it sooner. Six days ago to be exact. On the day when we reflect and celebrate our freedom and all that that means, perhaps we should have been considering the freedom afforded by our Kindles.

Lady Liberty most likely had no idea of the way she was paving when she took her place in New York Harbor all those moons ago. Little did she know that as she stood there with her Kindle under her arm and her torch lighting the way that it would be centuries before we caught on.  We have had our heads buried in real books for so long that we have not taken a moment to glance up and see what she is really saying: Freedom is a Kindle.

There are those who say that the freedom of a Kindle comes at a price; the end of the paper- book-relationship, the end of ‘real’ reading, and a halt to reading in the tub. Compare those things to the freedom of having thousands of books at your fingertips, the equality of books for everyone at low or no cost, and the brotherhood of sharing those books with other Kindles. There’s no doubt that the e-reader under Liberty’s arm is here to stay, just like the Grand Old Lady herself.

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