GUEST POST: Writing sex without sex by CJ Daugherty

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Last week, we had our first birthday. It marked our first year of publishing anthologies of short stories for young adults. That first year was full of firsts, and it’s no surprise that the firsts are about to continue. So, here’s another one. Our first reblog. This is a great little blog post by author CJ Daugherty who is over at UKYA today as a guest. Her post gives food for thought for readers and writers of young adult literature who wonder how sex should be handled in YA literature. Over to you CJ . . .


C.J. DaughertySex in YA is controversial. Because many YA readers are young, as a writer, you have to be incredibly careful in how you handle it.

There’s so much to consider: How old should characters be when they do it? Should they do it at all? If you write sex into your novel are you endorsing teen sexuality? Creating peer pressure that could encourage teens to have sex before they’re ready? Ruining their lives?

Frankly, it’s a quagmire many of us are eager to avoid.

Besides, even if you do decide to take the plunge, let’s admit it – there’s something inherently hilarious about writing sex. It’s all ‘he touched this’ and ‘she stroked that’ then ‘the lights darkened and she forgot everything…’

I’m sorry but… eeuw. And also, ha ha ha ha…

Personally, I just can’t face it.

Luckily, you don’t have to write sex to write something sexy. Romance…

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