Here at last, here at last!

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Here at last, here at last!

Our sassy little follow-up to Volume 1 is here. It is cleverly entitled Volume 2.
Today, January 21, is can be downloaded FREE from Amazon. click HERE click HERE

To read about the eight great authors and one terrific artist who contibuted to Suddenly Lost In Words, Volume 2 click HERE

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!


Hooplah, Cover Art, and Free on Smashwords

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dog and hoop

Right now, I feel about as enthusiastic as this hound when presented with the opportunity to jump through yet another hoop. In fact, the entire Suddenly team, all three of us, could easily make hoop jumping an event at the next Olympics. We are already sure-fire gold medal winners. Why all the hoop jumping you may ask. Well, since last Thanksgiving, we have been attempting to find the perfect cover art for Volume 2 of our fabulous short stories for young adults. We found it, several times, but just when it was within our grasp, we missed the hoop, fell over it and/or got it wrapped around our necks. All seemed hopeless .. or should I say hoopless? Sorry!

It gives me great pleasure to say that all that jumping is over and here *drum roll* is the cover for SUDDENLY LOST IN WORDS, VOLUME 2 …

View from my window

View From My Window by Ann Calandro

Ann is a New York/New Jersey artist and writer. Her work can be seen at  We will feature Ann on our website upon the publication of Volume 2, which, dare I say it, is any day now!

While you are waiting for Volume 2, you can download Volume 1 for FREE at Smashwords.

Free is a great price 🙂

2012, FAQ, an answer for everything, and 2013

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I am about to attempt to pack a lot into this post, yet I hardly know where to begin. The start would be a good place. Last April, Suddenly became a reality. There were five of us then. Now we are three. Sometimes that happens. Since setting out to bring great short stories to young adults in small packages, we have learned more than our teacher brains could ever have imagined possible. Listing all that we have learned would bore you to tears, and thanking everyone who has supported us would take too long. So, suffice it to say that we have survived all that learning and we thank EVERYONE who helped us and EVERYONE who has shared their knowledge, expertise, support, time and talent. You know who you are. I love saying that! We would love to take you all out to dinner.

Q and A

At our website, there is a link to contact us and, boy, have we been contacted with every kind of question imaginable. Many inquiries have made us change or add information on our web site, but a few I’d like to address here …

Q. Can adults write for young adults?

A. YES!! Most young adult writing is written by adults since most adults have already been young adults themselves!

Q. Could you please define profanity as it applies to Suddenly Lost In Words submission guidelines?

A.  Profanity, for us, is the inappropriate and/or excessive use of strong language that serves no purpose other than to shock or fill space. It can be acceptable when carefully and skillfully used. Current YA literature does “allow” for its use and realistically young adults use and experiment with profane language. However, it should never drive or dominate a story.

Q. Does Suddenly Lost In Words accept poetry?

A. We do! In fact, we have just chosen a great one for a future issue.

Q. How long are “longer works” that you serialize?

A. They can be any length, however each chapter should be 3000 words or less. Send us an excerpt and a synopsis for the whole story. Part two of our current serial, City Speaker: Watcher by Tyler Hansen, is coming up shortly in Volume 2.

Q. I live in Malaysia. Can I submit a story?

A. We hope so!! Submit away regardless of where you live. We do like submissions in English, though.

While we may not have an answer for everything, we’ll do our best to find one. Keep those questions coming!

Hop into 2013

Finally, with 2013 underway, we are on the verge of pushing that Kindle button and producing Volume 2 of Suddenly. It contains another great set of stories and, after a lengthy search and various hoop jumping, a cover you will love. Guaranteed. In fact, a sneak peek of it should be in this very spot soon.

So, goodbye and thank you 2012, and here’s to great things in 2013!

Hope you’ll join us. We’ve loved your company so far.

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