More Instant Gratification

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On Tuesday, I recommended three great little short story collections to satisfy your instant gratification tooth. Here are two more short story collections that are worth your time and money.

A PECULIAR COLLECTION by Lisa C Hinsley was published in February 2012. It is a baker’s dozen of quirky stories with dark themes.

“Ms Hinsley has created a set of stories that range from heartbreaking sadness to noir-ish horror. You’re sure to find several that will send a chill up your spine and raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Well-written, quick read with fabulous scene-setting and descriptions.” ( From Amazon Reviews)

A Peculiar Collection is FREE at Amazon for your Kindle. Get it here.

Travel to India from the comfort of your e-reader with Lakshmi Raj Sharma’s MARRIAGES ARE MADE IN INDIA; published in May 2012.

“This fine collection of short stories shows what a master can do when writing in one of our most important forms of fiction, the short story. The entire collection hangs together in mood and theme and will be the source of much entertainment for readers eager to voyage to India from their ebook.” ( An Amazon Reviewer)

Marriages Are Made In India is available on Amazon for $2.99  Click here to download it.
Enjoy the read!

Instant Gratification

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We hear so much these days about instant gratification.  The right here, right now world of texts, tweets, and something called tumblr. Not to mention fast food, 5G, and speed dating.  Apparently, we are all wrapped up in the speed with which we can communicate, eat, and have a relationship. Heck, we can even do them all at the same time.

I have to wonder, then, why in the land of literature are we still reading novels. Yes,  novels take time to read. They can last days, even weeks if the story is long and/or the reader is slow.  Don’t get me wrong, I love novels. I always have and always will. But, I also love the short story; the instant gratification of literary sweetness. More wondering leads me to the reasons why short stories do not make the top ten list of things to do in under a minute .. like eating and dating and having a conversation.  I have to conclude that perhaps it is because short stories don’t get the ink that novels and novelists do. So, I am about to turn that around and give some much needed kudos to some very current and very talented short story writers and their work.

Here goes …

Up first,  COLLECTED SHADOWS by Tyler D. Hansen.  Published in July 2012, this collection of 13 stories is a mix of the macabre, science fiction and dark humor. A review of Collected Shadows on Amazon says I loved the scope of subjects in these tales .. there is no lack of variety. Each story sucks you in and leaves you wishing there was a whole book for each of them! Tyler wrote City Speaker: Scarlett for Suddenly Lost in Words Volume 1.  Part 2 is City Speaker: Watcher coming soon in Volume 2.

Collected Shadows is 99c on Amazon Kindle.

Click here for Collected Shadows.

Another great little collection published in April 2012 is ETERNAL SPRING: A Young Adult Short Story Collection; 13 stories by 13 authors who are some of the most exciting authors in Young Adult fiction. One reviewer wrote Eternal Spring is an anthology of stories written primarily for the Young Adult audience. Even so, as a 40 something, I found it to be quite a delightful read.

Eternal Spring is FREE for your Amazon Kindle.

Click here for Eternal Spring.

And last (for today) is the very recent publication by Joanne Phillips; A LIFE UNPREDICTED and other stories. The ten stories in this e-book are diverse, covering a variety of settings and human relationship issues. Joanne enables her readers to get inside the head of her characters so that you follow them on their journey, unsure where it will lead.

Joanne’s short stories are FREE for Amazon Kindle.

Click here for A Life Unpredicted and other stories.

Enjoy these three collections! More short story recommendations next time.

The United States of YA

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We couldn’t resist sharing this with you. Permission from its creator has been received. Thank you and well done, Epic Girl!

The Morning After

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Yesterday was a big day here at Suddenly Lost In Words. We took the plunge and gave ourselves away for FREE; well, not ourselves exactly, but the first volume of our short stories for young adults. What a wonderful day it turned out to be and not for the reasons you might think. We are not about to rave about the copies we “sold” or the numbers of mentions on Twitter, but instead we are giving it up to all the fabulous support we received from friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, and even people we don’t know!

The support “out there” from authors, readers, bloggers, writers, teachers, parents, teenagers, and tweeps was phenominal. So, today we extend an attitude of gratitude to all of you. A plain old thank you doesn’t seem to suffice, but here it is anyway …




We wish it could be fancier, but there it is. THANK YOU, EVERYONE! You know who you are.

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