SASHA’S NEW BOOTS by Sara M. DeGregoria (Part 2)

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The conclusion of Sara’s short story SASHA’S NEW BOOTS. A story from the United States.

As she strutted past J.T. and his friends, time slowed, every clip-clop of her boots a double drum beat resounding in her ears, and Sasha gave J.T. a half grin, looking at him sideways-just for a second-and flipped her hair back over her shoulder. A shivering thrill passed through her, knowing his eyes were on her. Some of the boys let out low whistles, and J.T. arched his eyebrows in her direction: 

“Ooo, aren’t you sexy? Why don’t you come over and keep me company for a minute, I’m feeling kind of lonely. “

And Sasha had to admit it made her feel good that he was saying it to her and not to one of those skinny, fine-haired, light-skinned girls at her school, who had boys falling over them, and wouldn’t even need a guy like J.T. to tell them they were fine since they knew it anyway. So when Sasha looked back and saw J.T. grinning that lopsided grin at her, she found herself stopping and turning like a hooked fish, like she didn’t know hooked fish only get cut up the middle and fried. The circle of boys stared at her as she walked back toward them, their eyes roaming up and down her body like it was theirs, and she already wished she’d just kept walking to the bus stop because now she couldn’t just walk away. Not now that she’d let them know she needed their eyes on her, needed them to tell her she was something worth looking at.

“Looking good,” said a shorter boy in a puffy black jacket.

“So, how about hanging out with us for a while?” said another boy, his shaved head glinting in the sun. “We was going back to Eddie’s to smoke some ace. Could always use some company.”

“I don’t know, I have to go meet my friends. They’re waiting on me.” said Sasha, her body there but her mind already at the mall, drinking a banana milk smoothie in the food court, telling Val and Cristina about how Ms. Bishop had run out of class crying the other day, and waiting to see if Sean would show up.

But they were already circling, tightening around her like a noose, and Sasha felt a slap and a squeeze on her behind. She gasped and backed away but bumped in to someone and found her hips being held, tight, and hot cigarette-and-mint-smelling breath on her neck. She struggled to free herself, but not before someone had yanked the sash free from her pea coat,

and reached under her shirt, fingers pinching rudely through her bra. Then Sasha broke through the circle, pushing her way out, stumbling, then running up the block, voices following her, laughing out,

“Come on, baby, where’d you go?”

“Hey – you never even told us your name!”

She circled around the block away from where the boys stood, and entered the back door of her building, jogging up the stairs until she tripped and fell on her hands and knees and had to walk up the rest, panting for breath.

Once in her apartment, Sasha locked the door behind her, chain and all, and looked in the mirror. Her hair was mussed, eyeliner smeared, coat undone and neatly ironed shirt half out of her pants. She looked down at her boots and saw they were still all stiff and buffed and unblemished. Sasha hated them, wanted to scratch them and mar them, their newness and freshness mocking her. She unzipped them and threw them to the back of the hall closet, behind dirty tennis shoes, misshapen umbrellas, and forgotten handbags.

If her mom had been there she would’ve said, “Well look who has an egg on their face now,” and told Sasha she shouldn’t have wasted her money.

We hope you enjoyed SASHA’S NEW BOOTS by Sara DeGregoria.

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Sara’s story is available in SUDDENLY LOST IN WORDS Volume 1.



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