SASHA’S NEW BOOTS by Sara M. DeGregoria

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An excerpt from SASHA’S NEW BOOTS by Sara DeGregoria. A short story from the United States.

Sasha pulled on her knee-high brown boots, the kind that hug your calves like a second skin, inhaling the new-leather scent that lingered in the air. Two hundred thirty-nine dollars, but weren’t they worth those extra shifts at Cash Fast, where she mostly just sat and did her homework anyway? Not that she’d tell her mother that, as far as she knew, the boots had been on sale for seventy-nine, ninety-nine at Discount Shoe World.

“Such a great deal,” her mother had said, “maybe I should go get myself a pair,” and Sasha and her mother had laughed trying to imagine her mother wearing boots instead of flats and sneakers. Turning in front of her apartment’s hallway mirror, Sasha liked the way her jeans tucked into the boots, the way the curved line of her behind met the straight line of her legs when she stood sideways, the way the waistband of her black felt coat pulled tight gave her an hourglass shape.

Sasha took the stairs down because the elevator wasn’t working – hadn’t been working for two months, and their sorry excuse for a landlord couldn’t be bothered to fix it. But Sasha didn’t care about that today, or the piss smell in the stairwell she had to smell all eleven flights down, or the woman in the fifth floor hallway screaming at a kid that she was worthless and spoiled rotten, then the crisp sound of hand smacking flesh. All Sasha cared about right then was the clip-clop of her boots on the stairs, and that she knew she looked good in them and that maybe at the mall later she’d see Sean and he’d think she looked good in them too.

Then she was free of the crumbling building, and walking to the bus stop. But as her mother would say, call a spade a spade, Sasha wasn’t walking, Sasha was strutting. Hips swaying and hair bouncing with each long stride she took over the sunshine-drenched sidewalk squares, past Ninety-Nine Cent World, past McDonalds, past Rossetti’s pizza-by-the-slice.  Up at the corner she saw J.T. with some friends, and wasn’t he something to look at. Lanky and tall with a curly-wavy afro and a lopsided grin that made girls all gooey inside. Played defense for East High.

Sure, Sasha knew his reputation, how he’d never be interested in her for longer than it’d take to zip his jeans back up, but there was no harm in just looking, was there?

Read the conclusion of SASHA’S NEW BOOTS in SUDDENLY LOST IN WORDS Volume 1. (Or tune in here tomorrow for the conclusion!)

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Sara M. DeGregoria is currently surviving in New York City as an English teacher and worker of odd jobs. She has lived in several cities, including Seoul, South Korea; Alexandria, Egypt; Tel Aviv, Israel; Kanab, Utah; Madison, Wisconsin; and Boca Raton, Florida. She has had her work published in the journal Third Wednesday and has upcoming stories and poems appearing in The Washington Pastime and Aries.


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