THE COLLECTIVE by Gregory Marlow

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An excerpt from THE COLLECTIVE, a short story by Gregory Marlow. A story from the United States.

The Collective painlessly entered Jared’s brain in the night while he slept. The next morning Jared woke after hitting snooze six times. He showered and went downstairs to eat breakfast with his mother and her boyfriend, Steve. Jared ate his pancakes in silence while The Collective waited for the right moment to make their brilliant declaration.

“You doing alright this morning, honey?” Jared’s mom asked as she sat down at the table. Steve looked up from the newspaper and feigned interest.

The Collective seized this opportunity as an invitation to share their infinite wisdom. The first sentiment they wished to convey was that they were The Collective, a different kind of creature, inhabiting Jared’s body. Because of their vast differences, communicating with the human race would be quite difficult. The Collective scanned Jared’s vocabulary and tried to rephrase the statement in the most efficient and natural way possible. Taking control of Jared’s voice, The Collective spoke their first words to the human race. Jared said, “I’m different. No one understands me.”

Steve picked up the paper and started reading again. Was Steve simply assuming that the message would be too difficult for him to understand? Or perhaps Steve was unconvinced of The Collective’s great knowledge? Again, speaking through Jared, The Collective expressed their thoughts. ”I have a lot to say you know? People should take me seriously.”

“Stop complaining,” Steve said as he rolled his eyes. “You don’t know how good you have it. These are the best times of your life. Just wait until you’re an adult and have real problems.”

Enjoy more of “The Collective” and seven other great short stories in SUDDENLY LOST IN WORDS Volume 1.

Available now on (USA) and (UK) for 99c or 77p.



Gregory Marlow animates for money and writes for fun. He was raised in the mountains of East Tennessee but currently lives in Maryland, where he works for a video game studio and watches sitcoms with his wife Amanda. He is the author of A n00b’s Guide to Using Autodesk Maya 2012. His short fiction has been published or is forthcoming in The Mockingbird 2002, Every Day Fiction, Kzine, and Stupefying Stories.


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