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An excerpt from Lisa Cronkhite’s “THE WEREWOLF ATE MY HOMEWORK.” A story from the United States.

The last time I had seen the wolf was the night before, when I walked home with Seth. I felt the urge to take a shortcut through the woods and had begged Seth to go with. Don’t get me wrong, he was a good guy and all, but man, did he totally bore me out. I didn’t want him to go with me for company; I just wanted to be safe. And in case the wolf wanted to eat for the night, I would have a snack for him. I know he doesn’t want to eat me just yet. There’s a reason he is keeping me alive. Maybe it’s because I bring him people to munch on. Seth was the third person I gave him. Last week it was Jenny Van Hellsing. She was bothering me in class, too. You know the types, the ones that think they’re better than you, yet know nothing. And okay, so she was beautiful and popular. I know, bad choice, right? They’ve already combed the Lincoln Preserves for her. She isn’t there though, trust me, I know …

Read more of Lisa’s short story in SUDDENLY LOST IN WORDS Volume 1.

Available now at and for 99c or 77p.


Lisa Cronkhite has published works in various print and online magazines such as The Storyteller, Poetry Salzburg Review, Triggerfish Critical Review, Ascent Aspirations, and many more. After taking a two-year writing course at the Institute of Children’s Literature, based in Connecticut, Lisa received a certificate and six college credits. She is the author of Dreaming a Reality and Demon Girl, both published with Eternal Press. Lisa’s first YA novel, Deep in the Meadows, will be coming soon from Leap Books.


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