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An excerpt from “CITY SPEAKER: SCARLETT” by Tyler D. Hansen.  A story from the United States.

That night, alone in her room, the City spoke to her again. The images came, but weren’t violent or frightening. Instead, they were of the skyline and the river it overlooked. The parks inside Downtown and the streets that outlined each block. Scarlett, determined to figure out what was going on, spoke.

“What am I seeing?” she asked her darkened room. The image of a genderless body, skin taken away and its insides exposed, appeared in her mind.

“I don’t understand,” she said. Another image of the City appeared and this time she could see it all from a bird’s eye view.

“That’s the City,” she said. “Are…are you the City?”

A feeling of warmth and happiness flowed over Scarlett.

“How can that be?” she asked. The images came fast and much stronger and more vivid than before. Scarlett watched as the land next to the river evolved from a place where only animals dwelt all the way to its current incarnation. She felt it go from an erratic and wild place to a more focused energy. She felt it form and grow with every building put up. She felt the City come alive. Finally, she felt it focus on her, and she understood. The City was reaching out to her because she could quite possibly have been the only one who could hear it. It wanted to connect with someone, and more than that it wanted…

“An avatar? You want me to, what? Interpret your will?”

A sense of calm came over Scarlett. She knew she had figured it out. That night, she never went to sleep. Instead, she talked to the City about what exactly she could do with its help.

Read more of “City Speaker: Scarlett” by Tyler D. Hansen at Amazon (USA) and (UK) for 99c or 77p

Part two of City Speaker entitled “City Speaker: Watcher” will appear in SUDDENLY LOST IN WORDS Volume 2, coming soon.


Tyler D. Hansen is a writer in his late 20s currently residing in Saint Paul, Minnesota. When he isn’t sitting at the computer typing away, he can be found exploring the city he lives in or taking care of his daughter Eris.


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  1. What an original idea! A city that speaks through a person, very cool! I see you live in St. Paul. I used to live across the river in Mpls. years ago. It’s a beautiful area in spring, summer and early fall. Winter not so much, for me anyway.

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