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An excerpt from Kurt Bachard’s short story, “GRANDMA SILENCE.” A story from England.

By the time I was thirteen years old my parents couldn’t take much more of my adolescent tantrums and sent me off to my Grandmother’s farm. None of the home comforts, they said, no computer games, no privileges – a kind of punitive expedition. Even so, I packed my own suitcase, determined to show them that I did not scare easily. They met my arrogance by smirking, as if they knew something secret.

My grandmother’s farmhouse lay on the outskirts of a largely deserted town in the countryside. Apart from the farm, there was not a landmark for miles; it looked like the end of the Earth; frozen rocky pathways, denuded shivering trees, and icy air as brittle as glass.

“Where are the shops?” I asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” my father said shortly. “There’s nothing out here but the old farmhouse and your Grandmother.”

It seemed crazy to me that the fabled disciplinarian who was going to set me right was a mere slip of a thing, a shrivelled old woman with jowls like Turkey wattle and a humped back. She looked like a gingerbread woman, with wiry hair stiff as a brush. Her tiny eyes (the only things that seemed alive in her stony face) watched us from the porch where she clung to the rail as we arrived.

“Hey, it’s Quasimodo’s great aunt.” I laughed. I could barely believe it. She would be a pushover. Within a week, I would have her begging my parents to take me back …

Read the rest of “Grandma Silence” in SUDDENLY LOST IN WORDS Volume 1.

Now at Amazon: (UK) and (USA) for 77p or 99c.


Kurt Bachard lives in South London, UK, where he was raised by stray dogs. A Pushcart Prize Nominee, his fiction and non-fiction have appeared in numerous literary and genre publications. He has forthcoming publications, one of which will be included in Ryga: A Journal of Provocations, and can be reached at



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  1. Ha! Sounds like the thirteen-year-old smartalec is in for a comeuppance. Great opening to your short story! Is it actually about you?

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