It’s All About the Numbers .. Apparently

August 7, 2012 at 10:31 pm | Posted in Writing, Reading | 2 Comments
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ImageBless me, Word Press, it has been exactly 19 days since my last blog entry. That’s 456 hours or 27,360 minutes or 1,641,600 seconds. You are likely wondering what we have been doing with all that time. Well, we’ve been number crunching among other things. But, number crunching mostly. I know, I know … you were expecting us to say reading and writing. We have been doing a lot of that, however it’s the numbers that have won …

We don’t know how this happened since, clearly, our aptitude is for letters and words and and sentences and paragraphs and stories. Somehow, in the last 456 hours the madness that is numbers and counting has taken over. It all started with calculating the short stories we have received at our website, averaging how many a day, the probability of receiving more, the length of the stories, the cost of publishing them, the percentage of log-ins to the site versus stories submitted, the time it takes to read them all; you do see a trend here, don’t you? And it’s not a literary trend.

Next, we had to decide whether we would be a cheap date or an expensive one on Amazon, a corporation or partnership or company with the government; each with its own costs and tax rates and charges. Gulp!

Add to the mayhem, our number of likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, connections at LinkedIn and Absolute Write and Pinterest and Duotrope and every other social network and writer’s forum in the world. There’s been no time to sleep. Sheep have been counted, too.

Then, to top it off today, a dedicated follower on Twitter (I think he is number 175) suggested that we check out our Klout number. Klout number? What on Earth is that? It’s 29 out of 100. We are devastated to say the least even though we are not quite sure yet what it means. We just know it must be serious. We’ll let you know.

Gotta go. Just heard the egg timer go off. Those eggs will be perfect.

(360 words. Oh, wait, I added a picture and that’s worth 1000 words. 1360 words!)



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  1. And you’re going through this why? It sound like torture.

    • Yes, torture sounds about right! Have decided not to give in to the numbers. Trying to keep them at arm’s length and not let them take control 🙂

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