April 25, 2012 at 2:52 pm | Posted in Writing, Reading | 2 Comments

Our newborn baby, Suddenly, Lost In Words, is now being fondly referred to as “Suddenly” by us, its parents. If SLIW were a pronounceable acronym, we’d be calling it that. But it isn’t, so we’re not. In the few days since Suddenly was born (I told you how that happened over last weekend), we have been barraged with well wishes from our family and friends. We were all aglow, but the responsibilities of a newborn (publishing company) have set in.

As if choosing a name wasn’t challenging enough, we are now drowning in a sea of web jargon that would tongue-tie even the best of us: domain, bluehost, hostgator, greengeeks, Linux, and hosting provider. At least hosting provider contains the possibility of a party somewhere. But the one that takes the cake is Drupal. Drupal?

We are confident that we will conquer this new language and have our web site up and running soon. May it comfort you to know that we are teachers who are thrown into the implement-it-now-learn-it-later ring all the time.

That said; bear with us, stay tuned, and keep writing in the meantime.



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  1. Love this idea! Can’t wait to see all that gets posted! Good Luck!

  2. Glad you like our idea, Tracey! We like it, too. Thanks for your good wishes. Keep following us to see what happens 🙂

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