What’s In A Name?

April 23, 2012 at 9:45 pm | Posted in Writing, Reading | 9 Comments

Not only is this the first ever blog for Suddenly Lost In Words, but it is also the first attempt at blog writing for me, the self-appointed blog creator for SLIW. It is my goal to tell who we are, why we are, where we are and what it is we are trying to do. Last week we did not exist. We were just a pie-in-the-sky nameless idea; a pretty good idea though.

All last week, our little team deliberated in vain to create a name for our company that will publish young (and old!) adult short fiction in anthologies of four to six stories for a steal on Amazon. Then, an epiphany! A prominent member of our team ( we are all prominent members by the way) realized while teaching poetry to her middle school students that one boy was not paying attention. He was, in fact, engrossed in a book hidden under the desk on his lap. He was oblivious; suddenly lost in words. So, there it is. Suddenly Lost In Words was born. And, suddenly, everything fell into place.

Over the weekend, we morphed into a web-based publishing company with a name, a web site in progress, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, business cards in the works, an artist to make us pretty, and now a blog. Not too shabby for five enthusiastic educators with a love for writing and reading who also have ‘real’ jobs, children, dogs, elderly parents, and track practice.

Suddenly Lost In Words will be up and running at www.suddenlylostinwords.com shortly. There, we will encourage the submission of short fiction of 3000 words or less. We’ll pay reasonably well for accepted submissions. Our goal is to have our first short story anthology ready for e publication this summer.

When you are not following this blog to read our progress or lack thereof, you can see (and ‘like’) us on Facebook and  follow us on Twitter @SuddenlyLIW



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  1. Suddenly, lost in words….. What a simple way to bring authors and readers of all ages together. We also want to serialize one story per issue. So anyone out there thinking of that great tale that just needs to be told in breath-holding segments, please send it our way when our soon to be up and running website appears. Keep checking in, we have many new thoughts that we want to share and need and look forward to any ideas that you would care to share with us.

  2. Very, very interesting!! I am excited to see how this all unfolds. You will probably be getting submissions from several in my family ; )

    • We look forward to reading all of the authors in the Novak clan.

    • Can’t wait for the Novak submissions! We’re excited, too!

  3. What a fantastic idea – I wish you the best in this new endeavor.

    • Nan, You have so many great stories, Send them to us.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! And yes to Charlotte (she’s one of our five) and her comment about the serial. We are going to be looking for a killer serial. Please don’t mix up those last two words.

  5. We’re working on business cards to share at the Internation Reading Association in Chicago. Charlotte and I wordsmithed the following sentence for the back of the “book” style card:

    An e-publication showcasing young adult stories written by and for the young and the young at heart.

    • I really like this sentence for the back of the business card, Stephanie.

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