A Tough Act to Follow

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I’d be lying if I said I that I wasn’t the least bit intimidated by the wonderful words written by fellow team member, Charles, in our previous post. He truly captured the essence of who we are and how we feel about our quest at Suddenly. I now have the unenviable task of following him knowing that he has raised the bar!

You’ll be happy to know that we have decided to use Charles’ words to create our mission statement. By placing it on our web site, which is still under construction, our hope is that it will stand as a reminder to both ourselves and our audience of writers and readers that our passion is to seal good writing into forever.

Speaking of our web site; Chris, our web designer, and Rick, our artist, are diligently working around the clock to launch us into cyber space. Our thanks to them. Also working behind the scenes are a plethora of other people who include Joe at the Illinois Small Business Development Center who met with us on Friday and gave us more food for thought than we could digest. Our newly acquired attorney, Colin, is working on the legal stuff. And if it weren’t for our families and friends giving their love and support along with following us here and on Facebook and Twitter, we’d be lost. Not in words. Just lost.




When a thought takes shape in words

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We know people and remember them by what they have said and what they have done. Or at least we think we do.  But memory is an unreliable archive. It’s liquid. It changes shape in conformity with whatever receptacle holds it in a given moment. Our changing circumstances along with the passage of years alter the shape of our memory. We end up losing all but an essence, and it’s a flabby essence.

But words are different. What people write takes a definite shape. That shape holds long after the writer that forged it has passed. How do we know who Socrates was or what he thought? We know because his student Plato wrote it all down. If it hadn’t been for Plato, Socrates would be just another anonymous ancient. It was the words, written down, that carried Socrates from B.C. Athens to A.D. Barnes and Noble.

The same goes for all writers. They are practitioners of a power. It is the power to make us see the world in a new way, to go beyond that and generate new worlds. The writer interprets life for us, points out the things that are important, establishes a reference point.  If we come to love a book at fifteen, it’s still there for us when we’re fifty, unchanged, generously ignoring how we’ve aged.

A little miracle takes place when a thought takes shape in words. It’s like what happens when sand is turned into concrete. A foundation appears. Possibilities present themselves. An authority is acquired.  It is the authority to say that the year is summer, 1963, and America is in its last summer of innocence. It is the authority to bring into being people and places and to make them as familiar as our actual experience.  It is the power to turn on lights that weren’t there before. To be lost in words is to be lost in possibilities. To be lost in words is really to be found in a glistening world of continuously unfolding horizons.


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Our newborn baby, Suddenly, Lost In Words, is now being fondly referred to as “Suddenly” by us, its parents. If SLIW were a pronounceable acronym, we’d be calling it that. But it isn’t, so we’re not. In the few days since Suddenly was born (I told you how that happened over last weekend), we have been barraged with well wishes from our family and friends. We were all aglow, but the responsibilities of a newborn (publishing company) have set in.

As if choosing a name wasn’t challenging enough, we are now drowning in a sea of web jargon that would tongue-tie even the best of us: domain, bluehost, hostgator, greengeeks, Linux, and hosting provider. At least hosting provider contains the possibility of a party somewhere. But the one that takes the cake is Drupal. Drupal?

We are confident that we will conquer this new language and have our web site up and running soon. May it comfort you to know that we are teachers who are thrown into the implement-it-now-learn-it-later ring all the time.

That said; bear with us, stay tuned, and keep writing in the meantime.

What’s In A Name?

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Not only is this the first ever blog for Suddenly Lost In Words, but it is also the first attempt at blog writing for me, the self-appointed blog creator for SLIW. It is my goal to tell who we are, why we are, where we are and what it is we are trying to do. Last week we did not exist. We were just a pie-in-the-sky nameless idea; a pretty good idea though.

All last week, our little team deliberated in vain to create a name for our company that will publish young (and old!) adult short fiction in anthologies of four to six stories for a steal on Amazon. Then, an epiphany! A prominent member of our team ( we are all prominent members by the way) realized while teaching poetry to her middle school students that one boy was not paying attention. He was, in fact, engrossed in a book hidden under the desk on his lap. He was oblivious; suddenly lost in words. So, there it is. Suddenly Lost In Words was born. And, suddenly, everything fell into place.

Over the weekend, we morphed into a web-based publishing company with a name, a web site in progress, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, business cards in the works, an artist to make us pretty, and now a blog. Not too shabby for five enthusiastic educators with a love for writing and reading who also have ‘real’ jobs, children, dogs, elderly parents, and track practice.

Suddenly Lost In Words will be up and running at www.suddenlylostinwords.com shortly. There, we will encourage the submission of short fiction of 3000 words or less. We’ll pay reasonably well for accepted submissions. Our goal is to have our first short story anthology ready for e publication this summer.

When you are not following this blog to read our progress or lack thereof, you can see (and ‘like’) us on Facebook and  follow us on Twitter @SuddenlyLIW

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